Voter® Accesses Local Elections and Offers Expanded Functionality in New Update

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 2, 2016

L.A. Start-up Voter® Digs Deeper into Local Political Market with New Features that Highlight Local Senate and Gubernatorial Elections

LOS ANGELES, California – Voter®, the app that objectively matches users with political
candidates, now goes beyond the 2016 presidential election to match users with senatorial and gubernatorial candidates. The update, available now, also features new questions, an improved user interface and political mapping. The free iOS app is now available in the App Store and is in development for Android.

Since September 2015, Voter has been delivering its users objective results by analyzing
speeches, public stances and voting records of the 2016 presidential hopefuls based on a user’s swipe-left-swipe-right answers to simple yes-or-no questions. The new update delves deeper into election season by also matching users with local senate and gubernatorial candidates as well. By engaging in the local election Voter hopes to raise the number of voters in the local election and allow its users to be confident in their votes. The update is complete with two new features for the app. A political mapping tool acts as a visual readout of a user’s placement on the political spectrum. The map consists of liberal, authoritarian, conservative, libertarian and moderate categories. At the end of each round of questions users are placed on the map at a point that best describes their political stance (i.e. right on the edge of conservative and moderate or on the liberal side of authoritarian). The political map is meant to help users take a step back and see where they land on the broad political spectrum overall without attributing it to a specific candidate.

The app now also features an Updates tab that allows users to stay updated on the latest
political news and information. This tab features tweets from all presidential hopefuls and
political outlets both national and local. Because Voter is not created to be the end all-be all information tool for voters the Updates tab is made to help users stay informed in their research and understand how the political world may be changing in real-time.

Voter was developed by Hunter Scarborough, CEO and Founder, after he realized how time consuming it was to find reliable political information in today’s often-sensationalized media environment.

“Like online matchmaking, Voter analyzes a user’s response to quickly identify the candidate with whom he or she is the most compatible,” says Scarborough. “Voter by no means replaces the entire political education process, but it’s an efficient and objective way for users to focus their time on candidates they could truly support.”

Voter is also now equipped with a link to help its users register to vote to make sure everybody and up-to-date and ready to go for upcoming elections.

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About Voter
Voter LLC was founded by Hunter Scarborough in 2014. The Los Angeles-based startup seeks to take the friction out of becoming an informed and confident voter. By leveraging new technology and data, Voter equips every user with objective political information that can be applied to every level of politics, from local elections to the White House.