Voter®, New App Algorithmically Matches Citizen Preferences With Candidate Action – Not Talk

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 17, 2015

L.A. start-up applies online dating engine and UI to political candidates based on objective data points including voting records, speeches, public stances, finances and contributions

“Cutting through hype, flip-flopping and bluster, a candidate’s position can be independently established by looking at his or her political history. Voter gathers then quantifies this information and presents the real candidate in an engaging, mobile format,” says Hunter Scarborough, CEO and Founder, Voter®, LLC.

LOS ANGELES, California – Designed to equip every citizen with reliable political information, Voter® is a new mobile app that matches users with their ideal candidate in a fun and fast way. The free iOS app is now available in the App Store and is in development for Android. 

With a clean design and a simple, ad-free interface similar to dating apps, users swipe left or right to agree or disagree with current political issues. After answering several questions, they’re presented with a candidate who most closely aligns with their beliefs.

Voter was developed by Hunter Scarborough, CEO and Founder, after he realized how time consuming it was to find reliable political information in today’s often-sensationalized media environment.

“Like online matchmaking, Voter analyzes a user’s response to quickly identify the candidate with whom he or she is the most compatible,” says Scarborough. “Voter by no means replaces the entire political education process, but it’s an efficient and objective way for users to focus their time on candidates they could truly support.”

Voter delivers its objective results by analyzing speeches, public stances and voting records. With voter apathy and media overstimulation at an all-time high, the app serves as a shortcut through the hype and uncovers the real candidate.

Users also have the ability to delve deeper into their new match with biographical information and infographics detailing campaign donations by company and industry. The app also provides direct lines to donate to and communicate with candidates.

While Voter is currently limited to 2016 presidential hopefuls, it will soon offer functionality for local elections.

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About Voter
Voter LLC was founded by Hunter Scarborough in 2014. The Los Angeles-based startup seeks to take the friction out of becoming an informed and confident voter. By leveraging new technology and data, Voter equips every user with objective political information that can be applied to every level of politics, from local elections to the White House.