Voter® Expands Social Functionality in New Update


“Politics is typically a dinner table taboo, but it doesn’t need to be..."

LOS ANGELES – Voter, the political matchmaking app that objectively matches users to presidential, senatorial and gubernatorial hopefuls, has expanded the app’s social functionality to allow users to connect with Facebook friends on Voter. The app is also rolling out candidates for the House of Representatives in larger cities around the United States. The free iOS app is now available in the App Store and is in development for Android.

In the same way users are able to see political hopefuls, they can now view Facebook friends’ profiles, complete with political maps and top “Agree Most” and “Disagree Most” points based on both users’ answers. Users are also given a percentage of how much they match up with each specific friend. To conserve privacy, the option to appear in a friend’s search is optional and, beyond that, users are not able to see friends’ party or candidates they matched with or how other users answered each individual question.

“Politics is typically a dinner table taboo, but it doesn’t need to be,” says Hunter Scarborough, CEO & Founder, Voter. “By connecting people with friends on Voter, we aim to make discussing tough political issues an inclusive experience instead of an exclusive one.”

The previous update expanded on users’ potential matches by adding senatorial and gubernatorial candidates based on location. Now, users are also matched with candidates for the House of Representatives in their area. This feature will roll out gradually beginning with large US cities including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, Boulder and many more to come.

Voter 2.1

A fourth level of questions was added to Voter as well. The 21 new questions allow users to dig deeper into important political issues and generate more accurate candidate matches. Voter is designed to take a user only as deep as they want to go into the questions, giving them matches after each level. With every answer Voter has a greater opportunity to objectively match users to the best candidate for them.

Scarborough developed Voter after he realized how time consuming it was to find reliable political information in today’s often-sensationalized media environment.  

“Voting in an election is a very personal journey, but at the same time we can learn so much by talking to others,” says Scarborough. “The new social functionality in Voter was designed to try to help bridge the gap between what we believe and what we share to make it easier to start a conversation with friends about the important issues in the world.”

Voter is equipped with a voting registration link and a real-time Updates tab that keeps users in the loop about the latest political news.


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About Voter

Voter LLC was founded by Hunter Scarborough in 2014. The Los Angeles-based startup seeks to take the friction out of becoming an informed and confident voter. By leveraging new technology and data, Voter equips every user with objective political information that can be applied to every level of politics, from local elections to the White House.