Voter® Now Available on Google Play for Android Users


Voter advances bipartisanship in the other "two party" system

LOS ANGELES – Voter, the app known as “Tinder for politics,” that objectively matches users with a political party, presidential, senatorial and gubernatorial candidates and political pundits is now available in Google Play for Android and other non-iOS platforms.

Voter launched on iOS last September. In April, in response to increasing demand from Android users, the company began developing an Android version. They have been working around the clock to make the app available for Android and Google Play users. Voter delivers users objective results by analyzing speeches, public stances and voting records of the 2016 presidential, gubernatorial, and congressional hopefuls based on a user’s swipe-left-swipe-right answers to simple yes-or-no questions. The development and launch of Voter in Google Play will lead to educating significantly more voters before the upcoming November election.   

“We’re amazed with how many people we’ve been able to reach in such a short time, just on iOS, but obviously we want to expand our reach to create as many informed voters as possible,” said Hunter Scarborough, Founder and CEO, Voter. “Our developers have been working tirelessly to develop the Android version, and now we can really say that we are helping as many people as possible vote with confidence.”

Voter was developed by Scarborough after recognizing how time consuming it was to find reliable political information in today’s often-sensationalized media environment. 
Voter is also equipped to help users register to vote.